New use case - story form

Action: JimH elaborate his proposed use case (RDFS/OWL related) in story form

I propose something similar to this, I would ask the editor to help 
me make it a little more human readable - but wanted to try to be 
relatively unambiguous (see notes below)

2.x  RDFS/OWL  schema repository query, a new social networking site powered by the popular 
FOAF ontology, has written a crawler which follows foaf:knows links 
to determine the publicly available properties of new people it will 
invite into the network.   While processing it finds a rdf:property referring to 
a  URI  that it has not previously encountered.  The crawler queries 
a schema server's RDF graph to see if the property's domain(s) and 
range(s) are ones that it has already encountered, so it can usefully 
use this new property in future searches.


1 - This is more or less a real use case, names have been changed to 
protect the innocent (but look at for an example of the sort 
of "new property" that we might encounter)

2 - while it is vaguely possible that some sort of inference 
procedure could be used for determining domains and ranges, I have 
seen no such use to date - so I hope this will be more palatable to 
Rob than owl:inverseFunctional or other restriction forms, even 
though those query graphs would be a bit more interesting.

3 - the existence of such schema servers are predicated in part on 
the fact that I know of several organizations, including mine, that 
are building these to host large ontologies -- for example, we will 
soon have an online, queryable version of the NCI ontology hosted in 
Kowari available for various kinds of queries -- and we will commit 
to using it to test the DAWG langauge/protocols as they evolve -- the 
NCI ontology is huge and it was HTTP-GET'ed from our site about 215 
times in May accounting for 5778827 Kbytes of traffic (about 30% of 
our activity), and we've already had 150 downloads in June 
(accounting for nearly 40%) -- so we are desperately looking for 
another way to provide information for users just looking for some 
specific content from this huge beast.

Professor James Hendler 
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