SPARQL test suite updated - soliciting test suite results

Please see 
for the original details on the SPARQL test suite. All of those details 
are still pertinent.

In response to feedback from various implementors, the DAWG yesterday 
revisited a few parts of the test suite and fixed a variety of bugs in 
some of the tests. All of the fixes are now reflected on the Web and in 
the latest .tar.gz and .zip archive files. (The archive files now omit 
the irrelevant CVS cruft which was there previously.)

If you have already submitted test results, we'd appreciate it if you'd 
run the updated test suite and re-submit results (again, either directly 
to me or to

Also: please note that there are a few tests in the test suite that are 
annotated with a 
predicate. Most such tests indicate features that some extended SPARQL 
implementations may have while following the extension guidelines in the 
query language specification. These particular tests will not be 
included in the implementation report produced by the group, except 
perhaps in their own category/ies. We hope to produce a list of the 
objects of mf:requires along with their intended meaning, but do not 
have a set timeline for this.

Detailed information on updates:

+ fixes to 4 syntax tests as per

+ fixes to invalid URI prefixes in 4 syntax tests:{1-4}.rq

+ fixes to invalid Turtle in data files as per

now marked "not approved", following discussion of

+ open/world/manifest#open-cmp-02 updated to correctly reflect the spec. 
as per

+ Added and approved 3 tests of the sameTerm built-in function to 
(previous test coverage reports had erroneously included unapproved 
tests that covered sameTerm)

Received on Wednesday, 5 September 2007 18:59:32 UTC