Re: [OK?] Re: comments on "SPARQL Query Language for RDF"

On Wed, 2006-03-22 at 17:12 +0100, Enrico Franconi wrote:
> On 22 Mar 2006, at 15:48, Peter F. Patel-Schneider wrote:
> >>  From section 2.5.2:
> >>
> >> "A pattern solution can then be defined as follows: to match a basic
> >> graph pattern under simple entailment, it is possible to proceed by
> >> finding a mapping from blank nodes and variables in the basic graph
> >> pattern to terms in the graph being matched; a pattern solution is
> >> then a mapping restricted to just the variables, possibly with blank
> >> nodes renamed. Moreover, a uniqueness property guarantees the
> >> interoperability between SPARQL systems: given a graph and a basic
> >> graph pattern, the set of all the pattern solutions is unique up to
> >> blank node renaming."
> >
> > This is a claim, not a theorem (with proof).
> Sure :-)
> Stay tuned for the explicit proof.

Enrico, you do not mean to imply that the RDF Data Access Working Group
plans to deliver a proof, do you? I'm not aware of any such plans.

Please keep in mind that this mailing
list is a place for responses on behalf of the RDF Data Access Working
Group; it's best to be very clear when you're acting not on behalf
of the WG but on your own behalf, lest readers get the wrong impression.

> --e.
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