WSDL comments on SPARQL Protocol LC Draft

During our review of the SPARQL LC draft, the WSDL WG identified three
editorial items worthy of comment:

- the WSDL extract "1.0" uses two undeclared namespace prefixes "st:"
and "tns:", actually 'st:' is used throughout the document. Although the
reader is pointed to the full WSDL "which contains the relevant
namespace declarations", we are becoming accustomed to a convention that
lists a table of namespaces in use, and their associated prefixes within
the document, at the top of the document, and feel readers would prefer
to see this convention followed in the SPARQL spec as well.

- the status discusses "HTTP and SOAP interfaces for RDF queries" but
elsewhere uses "HTTP and SOAP bindings of this interface", which could
be slightly confusing for readers versed in WSDL speak.

- the document relies upon the reading of several external documents - a
WSDL and a pair of schemas, the links of which are buried in the
document. In the case of the schemas you have to hop through their
namespace documents. It would be nice to have a separate table calling
out these links so users could see the set of documents comprising the
SPARQL protocol in one place.

Thank you,
Jonathan Marsh on behalf of the WSDL WG

Received on Tuesday, 25 October 2005 21:22:24 UTC