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BP input to DAWG/SPARQL (esp SOURCE, UNSAID) still wanted Dan Connolly (Monday, 31 January)

Turtle Tuples: Turtle-based query result format Arjohn Kampman (Monday, 24 January)

A reason for dropping seperate AND clauses Phil Dawes (Friday, 21 January)

SPARQL Protocol for RDF / feedback (fwd) Dirk-Willem van Gulik (Thursday, 20 January)

proposal to drop DESCRIBE from SPARQL Dan Brickley (Monday, 17 January)

Does the QL allow for false or contradictory datasets? Dan Brickley (Monday, 17 January)

rdql and n3 graphPatterns Eric Prud'hommeaux (Monday, 17 January)

N3 media-type in SPARQL protocol Dan Brickley (Sunday, 16 January)

Re: SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format Damian Steer (Sunday, 16 January)

flexible SPARQL reification construct instead of hard-wired SOURCE keyword Benjamin Nowack (Friday, 14 January)

generalizing SOURCE in SPARQL for extended rdf stores Benjamin Nowack (Thursday, 13 January)

minor typo in WD-rdf-sparql-query-20041012 'foaf:box' -> 'foaf:mbox' Dan Brickley (Wednesday, 5 January)

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