Re: SPARQL Variable Binding Results XML Format

Paul Ford wrote:
>> 3) XML Literal Content.
>> I see that XML literal content is escaped in output.xml. Yuck :-) 
>> Please don't do that.
> I too am wondering for the reason behind this -- Sesame's XML 
> serialization does it too.

Hi Paul, others,

Actually, Sesame supports both serializations. Although not very well
documented (or at all...), setting the parameter 'plainXMLLiterals' with
value 'on' in the HTTP access protocol will make Sesame export any XML
literals as-is.

The default behaviour for Sesame, however, is to escape XML literals in
query results. The two main reasons for this are:

1) The results document doesn't break when an XML literal that is not
    well-formed is included in the result.

2) Escaped XML literals are easier to process using a SAX-style


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