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Minor editorial issues observed in WD-rdf-sparql-query-20051123

From: Reto Krummenacher <reto.krummenacher@deri.org>
Date: Mon, 12 Dec 2005 17:01:27 +0100
Message-ID: <439D9ED7.8050503@deri.org>
To: public-rdf-dawg-comments@w3.org

Dear recepient

I observed some minor editorial things when reading the new SPARQL
working draft. You might already have noticed them, but here they come
anyway (there might be others that I did not see either):

- p.23 (sec. 10.3.3)
	example: the query outputs the people with the top
	2 sites, rated by hits. that would, from the data be
	alice(2349) and eve(181) and not bob(105). however the
	query results are ordered in ascending order by default
	and thus I would expect the outcome to be bob and eve.

- p.23 (sec. 10.3.3)
	if I remeber right the outcome of a query containing triples
	with anonymous identifiers does not contain the same anonymous
	identifiers of course. However I thought that two triples having
	the same identifier in the default graph would also have the
	same anonymous idenfier in the result set.
	this is not the case in the most hits example, as all three
	persons are associated with _:a, and the result set contains
	_:x and _:y.

- p.27 (sec.
	I assume that the first example should have the text: "This
	query finds the people with a dc:date property:", as the query
	contains FILTER bound(?date) and the result is correctly (IMO)
	set to "Bob".

- p.27 (end sec.
	The conclusion to the second example seems to be missplaced!
	There is nowhere a triple with foaf:mbox in it.

- p.28 (sec.
	The explanation to the example seems to be from

- p.29 (sec.
	"This query is similar to the one in" (the link is
	correctly pointing)

- p.30 (sec.
	In the query result, "bob" would be lower case.

- p.31 (sec.
	IMHO there should not be a match for this query, should there?
	Or is it correct that the dates of the query match the one of
	the sparql draft in the source graph?

Best regards,


Reto Krummenacher, Project Assistant

DERI Innsbruck
Institute of Computer Science
University of Innsbruck

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