Re: R2RML Linked Data Aspects

Am 14.03.2011 18:55, schrieb Ivan Herman:
>> 2. *namespaces* - I could not find any possibility to declare namespaces
>> and respective prefixes in the current draft. is that left out
>> intentionally? If not, we should add a respective declaration and make
>> clear, that only namespaces which are governed by the user creating the
>> mapping can be made de-referencable later on for Linked Data publishing.
> I just want to understand: do you mean namespaces to be used within an R2RML file or namespaces and prefixes in the generated file?
> I am not sure I understand the need for the former; I suspect this is not what you meant.
> As for the latter: my understanding is that R2RML defines a way to generate RDF triples from tables. I mean: RDF triples in the abstract, conceptual sense, and not in any particular serialization. On the other hand, the usage of prefixes/namespaces is a matter of a particular serialization; I am not sure it has a place in R2RML...

In some literal values of R2RML properties (such as e.g. rr:SQLQuery)
(as well as inside some tables) it would make sense to use CURIE-like
identifiers. Currently it looks like it is left unclear, wether this is
possible and what namespaces will be used. From my point of view we need
at least two distinguished default namespaces - one for schema elements
(i.e. classen and properties) which are generated by R2RML and one for
the actual data. In addition it should be possible to define and use
more namespace prefixes.

Maybe also I got something wrong. ;-)


Received on Monday, 14 March 2011 22:35:54 UTC