Implementing ISSUE-77 resolution on XSD 1.1 dependency

ISSUE-77 was resolved last week.

I changed R2RML ED accordingly. It now consistently refers to XSD 1.1, and has the following wording (adapted from OWL 2) in the Status of This Document section:

XML Schema Datatypes Dependency

R2RML defines a natural mapping from SQL data values to strings that relies on equivalences between SQL datatypes and XML Schema datatypes. Resultsshould be canonical lexical representations, as defined in the XML Schema Definition Language (XSD), version 1.1. As of this writing, the latest W3C Recommendation for XSD is version 1.0. We suggest that developers follow the XSD 1.1 Candidate Recommendation until XSD 1.1 has reached W3C Recommendation status. We note that the use of canonical lexical representations is optional, and we expect that no implementation changes will be necessary once XSD reaches Recommendation status.

I also broke up the SOTD section into subheadings, like in the OWL 2 specs.

Something similar has to be inserted into the DM spec I imagine, slightly adapted to reflect the fact that for DM it's not a SHOULD but a MUST. I'm creating an ACTION for the DM editor.


Received on Tuesday, 6 December 2011 15:41:17 UTC