Re: New section on translation schemes in R2RML spec (ISSUE-61)

Richard - Thanks for your response. I answered your questions inline below.


In R2RML, exactMatch, closeMatch and broadMatch all behave identically, but
> in SKOS they are different. For example, of the following three triples,
> arguably only the last one is correct (assuming we are talking about cuisine
> concepts).
> scheme1:indian skos:exactMatch scheme2:asian .
> scheme1:indian skos:closeMatch scheme2:asian .
> scheme1:indian skos:broadMatch scheme2:asian .

I don't know enough about SKOS to know whether it is correctness that is at
stake or merely different modelling.

> > * Do we need to address the issue of inconsistent SKOS data models
> defined in the mapping document?
> I don't know. What do you think?

I don't know.

> My sense is that our remaining time before last call should be focused on
> finalizing the features that are currently in the specs rather than trying
> to add a new section such as this.
> Is this a comment on the perceived usefulness of the feature, or a comment
> on the timing of the introduction of the feature?

This was a comment on the timing. I think it is a useful feature.


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