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2010-01-12 meeting minutes

Agenda for 19 Jan 2010 (1700 UTC) RDB2RDF WG meeting

Blogging RDB2RDF WG?

First R2RML Syntax Suggestions

Follow up on today's conference call...

generalize mapping from SPARQL to SQL

Linked Data Aspects of R2RML

Meeting minutes from Jan 19th

Panel on RDB2RDF for SemTech 2010?

Possible face-to-face at SemTech 2010?

RDB2RDF WG Agenda - 2010-1-05

RDB2RDF WG Agenda - Tuesday, January 12, 2010

short description of a SQL-based approach on the RDB2RDF wiki page

test cases for some SPARQL->SQL translater

wiki pages for capturing generated SQL and potentially inefficient SQL

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