[Bug 29052] [xslt30ts] Test case error-0640o-2


--- Comment #7 from Abel Braaksma <abel.braaksma@xs4all.nl> ---
Aha, I see now where you are going: the circularity never comes into effect,
because the static error (variable not in scope) comes first. And because
setting a parameter's value and evaluating it is a dynamic-phase action, you'll
never get that far.

That is to say: there's still the issue that we do not require evaluation of an
expression when it is never used. But that's not true for static errors, so in
this case it ends up being wrong, because overriding the parameter comes too
late in the game.

How does that relate to:

<xsl:param name="foo" select="()" as="xs:string" />

which could also be a static error, but in this case we *do* allow the
parameter to be set, I believe we call this an "implicitly required parameter"?
Which begs the question: why allow/support this, but not the other?

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