Re: About proper bug-tagging, was: [Bug 25327] Typo in 'sum(a/b/c)' ....


If you have the time and inclination, then by all means go through 
non-closed bugs and update the bug titles to include the [...] 
notation for the documents to which they apply.

Obviously, it's not a top-priority job, but I find myself doing it 
about every quarter or half-year.


At 2014-07-19 17:59, Abel Braaksma wrote:
>Hi Jim,
>Apologies are all mine, only now I noticed the line in the Status 
>section that you are talking about, and others may have missed it as 
>well. Perhaps we could add a line in BugZilla, or even prevent it 
>from being submitted of [xxx] is not at the start of a bug entry? I 
>don't know what BugZilla is capable of, but from what I have seen so 
>far, I think it is pretty arcane.
>Many bugs I posted (and some by others too, as you have noticed) do 
>not have such tagging.  I'm willing to go over them and rename them, 
>but this might lead to a lot of unnecessary mail, so let me ask you 
>first: should I? It probably only makes sense for non-closed bugs.

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