[Bug 19839] [XSLT30] suggestion for an improved text for definition


--- Comment #1 from Michael Kay <mike@saxonica.com> ---
Oh dear, once you look at these things it always gets more difficult, and the
danger is that in the interests of precision, you make the text less

Actually, "element" here means in individual node, and it's not the fact that
there is an element declaration in the schema that's relevant. It's the "type
annotation" of the element that matters; the type annotation is a reference to
a type defined in the schema, and the discussion is about whether that type has
element-only content. 

I've never really understood why elements are declared and types are defined,
but the correct phrase should probably be "except an element whose type
annotation identifies a type defined in the schema to have element-only
content" - I don't want to go as far as using SCM property names like {variety}
in curly braces, since this text is only really a precis of what XDM has to say
on the matter.

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