[Bug 19839] [XSLT30] suggestion for an improved text for definition


--- Comment #2 from Mukul Gandhi <gandhi.mukul@gmail.com> ---
the modification, "except an element whose type annotation identifies a type
defined in the schema to have element-only content" looks nice to me.

> I've never really understood why elements are declared and types are defined

What I've understood, that this is conceptually similar to variable
declarations in quite a number of programming languages. For e.g, when we write
"int x;" in a programming language we say that a variable "x" is declared while
a type "int" was defined.

In an XSD document if we write,

<xs:element name="x" type="int"/>  and then if we compare this with an example
"int x;", we can say with XSD that an element is declared and a type is

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