[Bug 3121] extra / in namespace document


------- Comment #8 from Norman.Walsh@Sun.COM  2006-06-12 20:48 -------
It's an ugly practical detail in web server administration. I thought changing
the collation URI would be less painful than changing the xpath-functions URI

If you do a GET onthe xpath-functions namespace, you want
"/2006/xpath-functions" to appear in the browser. (Because people are going to
cut-and-paste it and "/2006/xpath-functions/" is a different URI for namespace

But if a directory named /2006/xpath-functions exists, a request for
/2006/xpath-functions is always redirected to /2006/xpath-functions/

And because we have another URI named /xpath-functions/collations/..., we can't
remove the xpath-functions directory.

Rock. Hard place. Between. :-(

Received on Monday, 12 June 2006 20:48:52 UTC