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------- Comment #2 from jmdyck@ibiblio.org  2006-06-12 20:38 -------
I'm not satisfied by that response, as it does not address the particulars of
my original comment -- specifically, the distinction between a function and a
function call. From your response, I still have no idea which you actually

> The working groups believed that the use of the term 'equivalence' in the
> second sentence of the definition shouldn't leave much room for
> misunderstanding.

I strongly disagree. Sure, there's no misunderstanding that you're defining an
equivalence (and I never questioned that), but there's certainly still room for
misunderstanding about the things being defined as equivalent.


Let me try a different tack. Do you think the definition would mean the same
thing if it said "the semantics of a call to the constructor function ..." ?

If you do, then consider this a request to make that change.

If you don't think it would mean the same thing, then perhaps you understand
the distinction I was making in the original post.

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