[Bug 3310] "x" castable as xs:QName


------- Comment #1 from frans.englich@telia.com  2006-06-05 13:55 -------
Considering the new wording in:


more specifically:

"It is also permitted for these constructors and casts to take a
dynamically-supplied argument in the normal way, but as the casting table (see
section 17) indicates, the only arguments that are supported in this case are
values of type xs:QName or xs:NOTATION respectively."

it makes me wonder what's the least surprise here, since casting a xs:QName
would also be valid, as I see it.

Since the texts in this area deals with the casting on a sometimes grammatical
level, one should perhaps watch out such that the empty sequence doesn't get
disallowed. E.g, the texts should gracefully handle "() castable as xs:QName?"
and "() cast as xs:QName?", in the appropriate way.


Received on Monday, 5 June 2006 13:55:54 UTC