[Bug 2500] Predicate list evaluation


------- Additional Comments From boehme@informatik.uni-leipzig.de  2006-02-02 15:40 -------
Hi Jonathan,

No. This sentence only states (in my understanding) that predicates are applied
after evaluating axis and node test. But how they are applied (if we have more
than one) is not explicitly specified.
If we have /n[pa][pb]
according to my description
case 1) evaluate /n[pa] and /n[pb]; the result is the intersection of both
case 2) evaluate /n[pa] = C1 and afterwards C1[pb] = result

I can't find a clear statement in the recommendation which tells that case 2 is
the right one (see also my comment regarding 2.3.4)

Received on Thursday, 2 February 2006 15:40:36 UTC