Re: [Serial] XHTML Serialization (qt-2004Nov0025-09)

* Joanne Tong wrote:
>Thank you for submitting this comment.  The editors handled this comment 
>by appending this warning to an existing note.
>In all other cases, the guidelines can be adhered to by the instance of 
>the data model that is input to the serialization process. The guideline 
>on the use of whitespace characters in attribute values is one such 
>example. Another example is that xml:lang=".." does not serialize to both 
>xml:lang=".." and lang=".." as required by some legacy user agents. 
>I would appreciate if you could check the latest public draft of the 
>specification and verify that the editor have correctly 
>applied this change, and that this issue is resolved to your satisfaction. does
not seem to contain such a note (but it's in the latest member-only
draft); this note satisfies my request, though I would suggest to
replace ".." by "..." for consistency with other parts of the document.

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