Re: [Serial] XHTML Serialization (qt-2004Nov0025-07)

* Joanne Tong wrote:
>Please change this text to limit the behavior to meta elements with 
>http-equiv="Content-Type" (where the value of the attribute is 

>Thank you for submitting this comment.  The editors believe that this 
>comment has been handled by the resolution ofqt-2004Feb0362-24 [2].    The 
>new text is:
>If a meta element has been added to the head element as described above, 
>then any existing meta element child of the head element having an 
>http-equiv attribute with the value "Content-Type" MUST be discarded.
>May I ask you to confirm that this response is acceptable to you?

That's better, but the text should define how the attribute value is
compared to "Content-Type". In HTML 4.01

  <meta http-equiv="content-type" ...
  <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" ...
  <meta http-equiv=" Content-Type " ...

are all the same.
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