Re: [XQuery] SAG-XQ-004 Unordered


The W3C XML Query WG and the W3C XSL WG have considered your 
comment.  After discussion, the WGs jointly determined that retaining the 
fn:unordered() function was preferable to the suggestion you made as part 
of your comment.  In addition, a proposal was accepted to adopt additional 
syntax (unordered{...} and ordered{...}) that provides syntactic sugar for 
use of the fn:unordered() function when needed on many "nested" expressions 
in an XQuery.  This additional syntax might help ease the concerns you 
expressed about fn:unordered().

The Working Groups have marked your comment as "decided" without further 

Please let us know whether you are willing to accept this resolution.

Hope this helps,

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Received on Friday, 7 May 2004 20:26:59 UTC