Re: ORA-XQ-231-C: Need to specify the behavior of XPath context position matching predicate for unordered sequence


W3C XML Query WG and the W3C XSL WG have considered your comment.  With the 
recent adoption of a proposal specifying additional syntax (unordered{...} 
and ordered{...}) that provides syntactic sugar for use of the 
fn:unordered() function, including a clear statement that the result of 
expressions such as those exemplified in your comment return 
non-deterministic values, the WGs believe that your comment has been resolved.

The Working Groups have marked your comment as "decided" because of the 
adoption of the "unordered" proposal.

Please let us know whether you are willing to accept this resolution.

Hope this helps,

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Received on Friday, 7 May 2004 20:26:56 UTC