Re: [Serial] canonicalization


     In [1], you submitted the following comment on the Last Call Working 
Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization:

> It seems useful for the XML output method to allow a canonical 
> parameter which if true would cause the processor to emit canonical 
> XML. This should not be required of processors, but should be 
> allowed. (i.e. it's optional like indent).
> The trickiest part is that this could conflict with other properties 
> like indent and omit-xml-declaration. The processor could either 
> signal an error if there was an explicit conflict, or recover by 
> simply outputting canonical XML.  I prefer the latter solution.

     Thank you for your comment.

     The XSL and XML Query Working Groups discussed your comment.  The 
working groups decided that it was too late in the process to add a new 
feature to serialization to support canonicalization, particularly in 
light of the fact that a solution to this problem is currently available: 
serialize using the xml output method, and post-process that serialized 
result with a processor that converts the XML documents to the appropriate 
type of canonical XML.  In addition, the lack of type-awareness in 
existing definitions of canonicalization was of concern to the working 

     May I ask you to confirm that this response is acceptable to you?


Henry [On behalf of the XSL and XML Query Working Groups]
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