Re: [Serial] I18N WG last call comments


     In [1], Martin Duerst submitted the following comment on the Last 
Call Working Draft of XSLT 2.0 and XQuery 1.0 Serialization on behalf of 
the I18N Working Group.

>[23] Section 4: "The base URIs of nodes in the two trees may be 
>  Does this mean that base URIs are not serialized? This should be
>  checked or at least explained.

     Thanks to Martin and the I18N Working Group for this comment.  In [2] 
Michael Kay responded as follows:

>Yes, the base URI typically is supplied at the time a tree is built by a
>parser, it is not normally explicit in the content of the tree.

     The XSL and XQuery Working Groups discussed this comment, and 
concurred with Michael Kay's response.  The working groups did not feel 
any clarification of the specification was required.

     May I ask the I18N Working Group to confirm that this response is 


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