additional output for link checker

Hi Ville,

I'm not sure if you have had time to follow the recent discussions on  
this list about the work on a unified tool/framework/format for  
conformance and other observations, which Damien and Jean-Gui have  
been making rapid progress on. One of the applications of that system  
is to be able to merge observations about one resource, e.g different  
types of validation, plus link checking.

In order to make the link checker an observer for that system, I've  
been looking at modifying its code to add the necessary extra  
output... As you know, the current link checker code isn't extremely  
flexible in this regard, and I thought, instead of adding more if- 
cases and more printf, whether we could give actual templates a go.

I can see two possible issues with that:
- configuring the template path (been there, done that... but the  
link checker generally doesn't need a conf file, and it would be  
better to remain that way, wouldn't it?)
- making templates sufficiently atomic to still allow progressive  
output as checking is taking place

I was wondering if you had any thought on the matter? Do you think  
templates would be a good idea, or not adapted to the link checker at  


Received on Friday, 30 June 2006 02:28:33 UTC