Mobile Web Best Practices checker


As some of you may already know (and as I had planned to tell this list
for quite a while now), I've been working recently on a tool whose goal
is to check the compliance of a web page with the mobile web best
practices [1]:

The tool hasn't been approved in any way by the mobile web best
practices group (BPWG), and is based mostly on my own interpretation of
the best practices. While it's very much an alpha release, and has
problems of its owns, it already returns interesting results, and it
looks likely that the BPWG will work with me on improving it (more in
terms of reviews and requirements than code, as far as I can tell); it
is also going to be used as input on the discussions around the mobileOK
labels the group is also chartered to develop.

Of (hopefully) more interest to this group, the source code of the said
tool is available in the public CVS server: (the name "validator" in
the URI is a mis-nommer; it really isn't a validator). It's written in
Python, mostly based on SAX-parsing and on some HTTP headers checking. 
It comes with a bunch of unit tests that have made my life much easier,
and hopefully should continue do so for other contributors.

Some of the code actually checks for things that would well deserve to
be called Web Best Practices, other parts are really very much mobile

At this point, this message is mostly a FYI, but if anybody is
interested in further details on the architecture of the code (somewhat
inspired by the the validators M12N), on contributing to it or anything
else, just let me know!



Received on Monday, 26 June 2006 12:25:49 UTC