[meeting] 2004-01-13 @ 14:00 CET

On Jan 9, 2004, at 11:44, olivier Thereaux wrote:
> Actually, there will be no "first tuesday" before almost a month, but 
> if we agree rapidly we can have a first meeting next tuesday - I have 
> agenda items ready if we do.

Not many answers to this proposal so far, but no negative answer at 
all, so we will try to meet on IRC (usual channel, freenode#validator) 
2004-01-13 14:00CET.

The meeting will last one hour (only for this time, since the QA Team 
has another meeting after that... next times we may double this if we 
feel it's needed). Be there on time.

Proposed Agenda:
- check / checklink release calendar [35 min]
(and "should we organize separate test/release/etc)
- CSS parsing [25 min]
preliminary discussion on what all of us have been/are/will be working 
on in this area.

Note: I though Yves and Philippe were subscribed, they were not... I 
invited them directly, and hope they can join us at least for the 
second part.


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