[meeting] notes and log for 2004-01-13

Here are my notes from the meeting (summary). Hopefully accurate.
I am including a list of what I think are all the action items at the 
bottom, and attaching the IRC log.

Attendees: Yves, Bjoern, Philippe, Nick, Terje, olivier
Next meeting: Tuesday, Feb 3rd, 2004 (2PM CET)
(should schedule for 1h30 / 2h next time)

* CSS parsing / validation and validators itegration *

Nick is working on a CSS analysis tool doing both validation and 
warning for accessibility issues.
Plans to integrate it with Valet, possibility to also integrate with 
Markup Validator (fetch and validate stylesheets) That would, however, 
imply that the Markup Validator would need to be able to check 

Best candidate parser is libcroco, though it has limitations.

The idea of integration shifted the discussion to more general topics 
on how to achieve it:
  - comparing how different validators (CSS, Markup, mod_validator) work 
and which parser they use.
  - Quickly exploring the idea of CSS validation through schema based 
validation (i.e using similar mechanisms as markup validation), which 
is something Bjoern is working on.
  - discussing online integration through WS paradigms (soap/1.2 

* Markup Validator - release plan *

The plan was to address all issues raised and integrating the submitted 
error messages before moving forward with a new beta of the Markup 
Validator. Terje being really busy, this plan goes against the wish to 
roll in a new beta fairly soon (and to move usability/documentation 
improvements to :80 ASAP). If we want to do that, we may have to leave 
controversial code (e.g fussy parsing) aside and focus on major issues 
for a minor release.

Decisions made in order to move forward:
- Need to integrate error messages (olivier)
- We may have to officially postpone addressing some (of Bjoern's) 
raised issues and plan a later release
- Bjoern will have a look at current state - feel free to commit code
- Need to test current :8001 and branch (olivier - Bjoern can help)
- Need to move qa-dev to Debian testing and 2.6 kernel (olivier with 
help from Yves/Daigo)

* Summary of action items *

AI: Bjoern -  write a specification for css schema by end of january
AI: ?? - contact libcroco maintainers to see what we/they can do to 
implement the features we need
AI: Nick - investigate Apache2+modperl, play with :8001;
AI: Nick - work/experiment on CSS parse
AI: olivier - review and integrate submitted error messages
AI: olivier (+Bjoern) - test current :8001 and branch
AI: olivier (+Yves, +Daigo?) - move qa-dev to Debian testing and 2.6 

Attached is the public IRC log.

Thank you.

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