Re: regular meeting - tentative schedule (+agenda)

On Jan 9, 2004, at 13:03, Nick Kew wrote:
> On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, olivier Thereaux wrote:
>> So what about "first tuesday of the month" 2PM Central European Time
>> (with the current winter time that'd be 10PM Tokyo / 8AM Montreal)?
> That's fine with me.

Reading my IRC backlog I noticed that it wasn't best for nighttime 
folks... True. I suggested, however, early afternoon (and not morning) 
europe time for that purpose, though not too late so that it wouldn't 
be too much of a pain for me (JST). If it's really a problem, we can 
talk, though :)

> We've been talking CSS parsing over the last couple of days; that
> should be agenda-ised.

Yes, was on my list, along with "current progress" and modularization, 
although I think at least the latter can be discussed on the list for a 
while since there is no urgency - and other more urgent things.
> More blue-skies: (optional) extra validation checks, such as
> whether attribute values are valid.  I have some thoughts;
> not sure how they'll work.

Karl has on his someday pile to look at all the cases in the HTML spec 
that are not covered by DTD validation, so that's indeed a topic worth 
discussing - extending "fussy" parsing.


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