regular meeting - tentative schedule

Hi folks,

sorry for being so long in coming back to you with a proposed schedule.

Apparently, everyone seems to be happy with a regular IRC meeting with 
a specific agenda (as opposed to the usual chat on freenode:#val), and 
"during the day" (CET) seemed to be the preferred option (my apologies 
if I forgot someone said "during the day is a no-no").

So what about "first tuesday of the month" 2PM Central European Time
(with the current winter time that'd be 10PM Tokyo / 8AM Montreal)?

Actually, there will be no "first tuesday" before almost a month, but 
if we agree rapidly we can have a first meeting next tuesday - I have 
agenda items ready if we do.


Received on Thursday, 8 January 2004 21:44:36 UTC