prov-constraints in sparql

Hi All,

I'm happy to announce an implementation of prov-constraints using sparql:

I'm passing 279/280 of the test cases. The one outlier is because of
difficulties with blank nodes (nothing really to do with prov-constraints).
I'll probably have that sorted out soon but I don't think that should count
against the document itself.

You can find the code at:

===Massive disclaimer===
This is very raw code and I'll be sprucing things up and double checking
everything so please be gentle :-)

Anyway, I've at least confirmed to myself that the constraints are
implementable using common sem web tech. So that's great!

Good job prov-constraints team with both the document and the test case


Dr. Paul Groth (
Assistant Professor
- Knowledge Representation & Reasoning Group |
  Artificial Intelligence Section | Department of Computer Science
- The Network Institute
VU University Amsterdam

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