review of prov-xml

Hi Stephan, Curt, Hook,

It's a good document. Ideally, there are a few things I would like to see
fixed before the next release, and if not by then, before final
release.  I recommend release as a next WD.

Key issues:
- It's not clear that examples are schema valid. Many ids do not have
   a prefix, but no default namespace seems to be defined.
   Can we check all examples against the latest schema?

- I would suggest adding a section 4 to define prov:Document (like
   there was similar section in prov-n), since it doesn't seem to be
   defined in the main text.

- I suggest updating the mime type application with the feedback
   received from the ietf mailing list, and submitting the revised
   version to the ietf mailing list for final check.

Note that I haven't been able to check the schema compiles naturally
with JAXB, but you gave us assurance it was the case.


Detailed feedback:

Abstract: third sentence does not parse

Intro. Text copied verbatim from dm. It should be clear for the reader
that this design comes from DM. Maybe also add some links to DM (for
references and components).

2.1 corresponding to terms defined in the PROV-DM.

Extend PROV-DM to the PROV data model

2.2 salami slice citation missing

2.2. It's use ... Its

2.3 the PROV-N.  ... PROV-N

2.3. As in PROV-N, the attributes can
      ... "attributes"
   Generally, do we want to go through the document and check whether 
this "attribute" or attribute
   I would suggest that a <dfn>prov-n attribute</dfn> is introduced, and 
<a>attribute</a> to refer to it.

2.3 Wherever an "id" is referenced from a later concept

2.4 using A the prov:type PROV WITH and ... delete 'a', with???

This element can be use. ->. Used

The following examples shows type.   Which example? use number.

from the default element type. .   Not sure what is meant here

2.6 with [PROV-N] record names
    Prov-n expression names

section 3
  "The element prov:wasStartedBy is used to reference a prov:Start from 
within a prov:Document or prov:BundleConstructor."
  The xml names  do not appear in same font/color. I wonder whether some 
could be links?

3.2 HasPrimarySource. ... HadPrimarySource

example 23.  Line-management example has no prefix, but no default 
prefix defined. Generally hav we checked all examples are schema valid.
I now realise prov:ref="a" suffers from the same problem. This occurs in 
several xamples.

3.4.2 The element prov:bundleContent is used to reference a set of 
nested provenance statements from within a prov:Document.
I don't think the term reference here is right.  ... What about
   " prov:bundleContent is used tho package up a set of prov statements 
and give them an identity.

3.7.1. "The identifier attribute is used to identify instances of PROV 
types or relations."

I don't think the phrasing is right. We agreed the identifiers identify 
entities, or activities, etc.
The sentence seems to indicate that the Id is used to identify the record.

More generally, I am becoming unsure that the distinction prov:ref / 
prov:id is right. I wonder whether we shouldn't go for prov:ref 
everywhere. The only exception is bundleconstuctor which rely identifies 
a bundle and therefore needs prov:Id

Is there a distinction between
<prov:location xsi:type="xsd:string">(5,5)</prov:location>

Section 3.7.3.x

The element prov:value is used to represent a PROV attribute.
Which attribute? Doing what? Same for all the others.
I guess it's "attribute".

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