RE: prov-dm and new boilerplate for specifications

Hello Luc,

For the primer, as a note, I updated to the new boilerplate section on the PROV Family of Documents (including DC and Links), and removed the old section on How to Read These Documents (as we now refer to the Overview). I did not copy the boilerplate section W3C Members Please Review By 09 April 2013 from PROV-DM, as this seems to be specifically for recommendation track documents.

Is that correct?


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Mapping Dublin Core (Attribution Metadata) to the Open Provenance Model:

From: Luc Moreau []
Sent: 13 February 2013 22:26
Subject: prov-dm and new boilerplate for specifications

Dear editors, dear all,

We have written the new boiler plate for the PR synchronized release,
see [1]
and also adapted provbib.js.
Editors, please copy and adapt for your document (adjust "this document").

The prov-dm document is staged at [2]. By default it will go as such, unless
you bring issues to my attention.

Kind regards,


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