Re: Status of the DC Note

Following my last email, the last working draft is available at:


2013/2/7 Daniel Garijo <>

> Hi Luc, Simon, Kai, Michael.
> I have been working this week on the DC note addressing most of the
> comments Luc and Simon gave me.
> However, I haven't finished all of them . I have summarized the remaining
> TO DOs (which are mainly the figures) here:
> I also summarized on that page some answers regarding issues to the
> mappings, with examples.
> Please check them out. You will find a link to a detailed answer to each
> of your comments at the bottom of the page.
> I have also raised separate issues for the remaining tasks and marked your
> Issues 602 and 607 as pending review.
> The document has been restructured and I think that now it is easier to
> read. I *will NOT* be able to work
> on it this next, week, so I'll retake the task after the 15th.
> It is worth mentioning that I plan to reopen the discussion about the
> concept dct:isVersionOf, as it could
> be refined better, IMO. (Either that, or find a concrete counter example)
> Best,
> Daniel

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