PROV XML Identifiers - discussion and straw poll

Hi all,

On last week's telecon we intended to have a discussion on PROV-XML identifiers but ran out of time.  This email is intended to kickstart a discussion (if there is much left to be had) and possibly have a straw poll on a resolution to this issue (ISSUE-553 on the tracker).

The PROV-XML group has documented the discussion on 4 possible resolutions to this issue at

For a quick summary, there are 4 different options the group has briefly discussed

1) Use xs:ID for prov:id type and xs:IDREF for prov:ref type
2) Use xs:QName for both prov:id and prov:ref
3) Use xs:anyURI for both prov:id and prov:ref
4) Use xs:ID for prov:id and xs:IDREf for prov:ref type in conjunction with XLink and XPointer
5) Use a custom type as-of-yet not defined

The member analysis of our options and recommendations are available at

Tracker, this is ISSUE-553.


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