Re: Reminder: Review of responses to PROV-CONSTRAINTS public comments

Hi James

Thanks for addressing the reviewers feedback.
We need to keep a log of the changes made to the document since last 
Would you be able to add a short appendix, similar to Appendix B in prov-dm?

I have created a diff file we can also link to


On 31/10/12 11:04, James Cheney wrote:
> Hi,
> just a reminder that it would be helpful for any comments on the 
> responses to issues:
> *ISSUE-584, ISSUE-579, ISSUE-585,  ISSUE-583*
> *ISSUE-576, ISSUE-580, ISSUE-577, ISSUE-578, ISSUE-581*
> *ISSUE-582, ISSUE-586, ISSUE-587, ISSUE-588*
> ISSUE-556
> by today, so that any disagreement within the WG on how to respond can 
> be resolved by tomorrow.  I would like to propose that we agree on 
> these responses and send to the commenters for acknowledgement at 
> tomorrow's meeting, so that we can hopefully close all issues by next 
> week's face-to-face meeting prior to a vote to progress all of the 
> recommendation track documents.
> The responses are collected at:
> --James
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