mentionOf in XML schema

The PROV-LINKS note describes the XML representation of mentionOf.

mentionOf has been commented out of the prov.xsd schema.

If we are describing the XML representation of mentionOf, it seems
like we should have the schema support validation of it. (I think
we'll have a similar issue with the collection note.)

I can think of a couple options:

1. Just keep mentionOf in the XSD schema as described in the note.

2. Make a separate XSD ("prov-links.xsd"?) that imports prov.xsd,
and additionally defines mentionOf.  Then you could validate against
prov-links for things that included mentionOf.

3. Make separate XSDs, one with the core, one with mention, one
with collections, etc., then have prov.xsd import all of them.
Then you can validate against the core if you want errors on
uses of mention, or against the main prov.xsd if you wan the
extensions from the notes.

Has this already been addressed some other way (I confess I am
way behind on reading emails...)


Received on Thursday, 29 November 2012 14:47:26 UTC