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On May 3, 2012, at 7:27 AM, Stian Soiland-Reyes wrote:

>> I am confused. Are you talking about wasStartedByActivity or wasInformedBy?
>> I guess you are talking about wasStartedByActivity. And I think this is
>> precisely why Tim is also pushing to keep only one of them in the DM.
> A wasInformedBy B says that B used X, wasGeneratedBy A. If we also
> know entity X and how it was used and generated, wasInformedBy is just
> restating that.
> A wasStartedByActivity B says that B wasStartedBy X, which
> wasGeneratedBy A. If we also know that entity X and how it started A
> and was generated by B, then wasStartedByActivity is just restating
> that.

I think this is well stated and shows many nice symmetries.
For me, this collapses when I consider all "starters" (your "X") to be "used" (your "X"). Any activity that is started by X also used X to start.
With this view, wasStartedByActivity is a kind of wasInformedBy and
was wasStartedBy is a kind of used.


> So both are shortcuts, and should have value as such where we don't
> know much about X, or where we add more data to that indirect
> relationship.
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