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prov-wg (and prov-dm editors),

I've reviewed all of the materials (that I can find) regarding collective concerns about prov:Dictionary, and
have committed changes to the latest PROV-O owl and html to address those concerns:


The changes are summarized here:

and repeated here:

  *    Added class prov:Collection, as subclass of Entity
  *   Added property prov:hadMember domain prov:Collection range prov:Entity.
     *   This supports both generic "simple set" prov:Collection and prov:Dictionary.
  *   Made KeyValuePair a subclass of Entity
     *   this follows from Set Collection :c prov:hadMember :my_member and the definition of Collection "A collection is an entity that has some members. The members are themselves entities").
  *   Renamed prov:membership to prov:qualifiedMembership to follow qualification pattern naming.
  *   prov:Membership became subclass of prov:EntityInvolvement (though, it could become subclass of prov:KeyValuePairInvolvement, itself a subclass of prov:EntityInvolvement. But we'll try to simplify and reuse prov:entity)
  *   prov:member renamed to prov:pair and became a subproperty of prov:involvee
  *   Added property chain (qualifiedMembership o prov:pair) rdfs:subClassOf prov:hadMember
  *   Added prov:removed domain prov:Removal range prov:KeyValuePair
  *   Removed prov:CompleteDictionary from DM and PROV-O.


You'll notice the prov-o modeling of Dictionaries is not consistent with latest prov-dm.

The prov-o team would like to ask the prov-dm editors to reconsider how collections and dictionaries are defined, so that they reflect the latest prov-o modeling of the PROV concepts.

Tim Lebo

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