PROPOSED RESOLUTION: use dcterms for the maker element and rename to creator

Following my exchange with Dan Bri just now [1], I'd like to propose 
that we change the name of the POWDER <maker> element to <creator> and 
change the transform so that this becomes <dcterms:creator>.

Note that the legacy (and commonly seen) dc:creator just takes a string 
whereas dcterms:creator has the range of dcterms:Agent.

This does not prevent using FOAF terms within a dcterms:Agent class 
(which is good because FOAF has some very useful terms already) but it 
does eliminate POWDER's formal dependence on FOAF.

We can consider the resolution properly next week at the f2f but if 
there are any comments ahead of that, please speak up.




Phil Archer
Chief Technical Officer,
Family Online Safety Institute

Received on Tuesday, 8 July 2008 13:01:25 UTC