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Introductions and WG objectives

From: Christine Perey <cperey@perey.com>
Date: Sat, 23 Oct 2010 08:32:21 +0200
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On the first POI WG teleconference we were asked to post to the list to 
introduce ourselves and to share what we would like to accomplish in the WG.

I'm an independent consultant and industry analyst who evangelizes in 
various communities for greater adoption of real time, rich-media mobile 
services for consumers.

Augmented Reality is a "space" in which I've been working since 
mid-2006, doing technology scouting, technology transfer, business 
development and market development. You might get more information about 
what I do for clients and the community by visiting my web site 

I believe the objective is to have publishing for and "consuming" an AR 
user experience become as easy as publishing for user agents which are 
*NOT* built for placing/viewing information in context with the real 
world (e.g., iPad applications, Web browsers today).

That content which has one or more components which are viewable (or may 
be heard or felt) in association with/in the real world must be 
associated with triggers.

Geo-location tagged content almost fits in this category today. If/when 
the user's position (lat/long) and orientation are known, then content 
can be placed in context.

I would like to see the existing techniques for displaying information 
in context benefit from the deep examination which experts in a W3C WG 
can provide, and an open data format recommended.

I hope that a group such as the POI WG can codify the association 
between content and triggers and, on that basis, publish an open, 
efficient and extensible data format for content and triggers.


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