Re: [pointerevents] Add Pen Rotation

> There’s nothing vendor specific here.

and I didn't say there was. What I'm saying is that within the 
definition of what we're concerned with in this working group/with 
this specification, this doesn't seem to fit.

> > > Two more missing data elements are the Secondary Barrel Switch 
(HID Usage 0x5A)
> >  Would that not be exposed as part of button/buttons ?
> Yes, it **should** be. I just want to make sure to gets wired in.

I'd say let's open a new issue for that specifically. Also, clarify if
 this is not catered for in the current spec (which 
already covers left, middle, right, x1, x2). Keeping in mind that it's
 also up to browser developers, device manufacturers, etc to do the 
correct wiring up, which isn't something the spec itself can address.

> pointerId  isn’t persistent enough. Serial number is used to persist
 brush settings (Painter) or all settings via Cloud login

As Rick already noted, this opens a whole can of privacy worms which 
is already bad enough for native applications, but can be even more 
complex/dangerous if exposed to the web itself, and something that 
presumably would apply to all sorts of HIDs, not just pen/mouse - 
therefore probably better suited to an upstream, more general spec 
like UIEvents.

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Received on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 20:29:56 UTC