Re: [pointerevents] Add Pen Rotation

> The wheel is in the HID “Barrel Pressure” field (HID Usage 0x31) - 
sometimes referred to as “Tangential Pressure” (Mac OS). Painter and 
Photoshop use this.

That feels slightly out-of-scope to me, edging close to the discussion
 in #26 about gamepad/webusb. Thoughts?

> Two more missing data elements are the Secondary Barrel Switch (HID 
Usage 0x5A)

Would that not be exposed as part of `button`/`buttons` ?

> and Transducer Serial Number (HID Usage 0x5B)

Again, that feels out-of-scope here (though perhaps, leaving it up to 
implementations, it "could" be used to ensure that the pointer 
relating a particular pen always gets the same `pointerId` ?

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Received on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 16:53:52 UTC