Re: [pointerevents] Add Pen Rotation

>   pointerId  isn’t persistent enough. Serial number is used to persist
>   brush settings (Painter) or all settings via Cloud login

>  As Rick already noted, this opens a whole can of privacy worms which 
>  is already bad enough for native applications, but can be even more 
>  complex/dangerous if exposed to the web itself, and something that 
>  presumably would apply to all sorts of HIDs, not just pen/mouse - 
>  therefore probably better suited to an upstream, more general spec 
>  like UIEvents.

It’s a Digitizer page HID usage, so it is specific to pointing devices (transducers to be exact) and not a generic serial number. The serial number data arrives from the device in the same report as the coordinate data. When there is an association between a serial number and brush characteristics (such as with Painter), this makes it easier to setup the parameters to start inking (no need to query other APIs, the information is in the event).

Keep in mind that multiple styli can be used simultaneously, so if there isn’t a serial number in the pointer event, there would need to be some mechanism to associate the pointer event back to wherever the serial number resides to establish the relationship between pointerID and serial number.

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