Re: [pointerevents] Add Pen Rotation

>> The wheel is in the HID “Barrel Pressure” field (HID Usage 0x31) - 
sometimes referred to as “Tangential Pressure” (Mac OS). Painter and 
Photoshop use this.

> That feels slightly out-of-scope to me, edging close to the 
discussion in #26 about gamepad/webusb. Thoughts?

This seems different to than the 3d mice case to me in that it's 
really about art stylus scenarios which pointer events is trying to 
address.  That said I'd consider it lower priority than pen rotation 
(since fewer stylus devices support it) so perhaps we should move 
discussion of this to a separate GitHub issue?  That said, I'd be fine
 with adding a `tangentialPressure` field defined similarly to 

>> and Transducer Serial Number (HID Usage 0x5B)

> Again, that feels out-of-scope here (though perhaps, leaving it up 
to implementations, it "could" be used to ensure that the pointer 
relating a particular pen always gets the same pointerId ?

Yeah, we could have a separate issue for this but I expect it to be 
very controversial due to privacy / fingerprinting concerns.  I know 
there are some art uses where it's valuable, but it seems niche and 
controversial enough that it's unlikely to be worth this group's time 
at the moment.

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Received on Tuesday, 8 March 2016 18:16:23 UTC