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On 01/08/2014 19:38, Jacob Rossi wrote:

> There is no precedence model here--we support both event models side
> by side. Pointer fires, then touch, then mouse. For example:
> pointerdown, touchstart, mousedown Note that mouse events still
> follow the "interlaced" firing described by the pointer events spec
> (not the click sequence firing described by touch events).

For the curious, I've done some preliminary testing (using the emulator, 
due to phone update issues) on event sequence for WinPhone 8.1 Update 

Interesting to compare the sequence of a clean tap on "pure" touch 
events devices vs IE11's combined touch/pointer events:

touchstart > (touchmove)+ > touchend > (mouseenter) > mouseover > 
mousemove > mousedown > mouseup > click


mousemove > pointerover > mouseover > pointerenter > mouseenter > 
pointerdown > touchstart > mousedown > (gotpointercapture) > focus > 
pointermove > mousemove > pointerup > touchend > mouseup > 
(lostpointercapture) > pointerout > mouseout > pointerleave > mouseleave 
 > click

(there may be a missing touchmove there, due to emulator

Other differences that I seem to get are that in the touch event model, 
as soon as you use more than one finger, no mouse compat events are 
fired, whereas for pointer events mouse compat events are fired 
regardless of number of pointers.

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