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== Checking the dynamic use of partOf ==
That's the use case:
An asset entity uses hasPolicy, the id of this asset is http://example.org/assets/131432. The referred policy (http://example.com/policy:1033) defines as target asset a collection of many assets (http://example.com/assetCollection:8378) intentionally including this asset http://example.org/assets/131432. 

To check:

* MUST this asset be included into the Policy document/resource with a relationship odrl:partOf?
* or is it sufficient to state as property of this asset that it is odrl:partOf and the asset's id does not appear in the policy - e.g. (nar: is the namespace of the IPTC News Architecture)
# the Policy
   "@context": "http://www.w3.org/ns/odrl.jsonld",
   "@type": "Offer",
   "uid": "http://example.com/policy:1033",
   "permission": [{
       "target": "http://example.com/assetCollection:8378",
       "action": "display",
       "assigner": "http://example.com/party:0001"

# the Asset entity
   "@type": "nar:newsItem",
   "@id": "http://example.org/assets/131432",
   "nar:headline": "Brexit negotiations have started today",
   "odrl:partOf": "http://example.com/assetCollection:8378",
   "odrl:hasPolicy": "http://example.com/policy:1033",

Such a use case is essential for the news industry as a persistent policy should be able to cover "just created" new news items.

A similar use case could apply to Party and PartyCollection - e.g. new students, does each one has to be added to the policy?

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