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== Mechanism for specifying constraints ==

2. I was a bit surprised the detail of the mechanism for specifying constraints (in section 3.8 and others). There are many, many hidden semantics beyond the use of simple resource from that mechanisms. For example, when odrl:event is used in a constraint, the value that should actually be checked is the end time of that event. And this sort of interpretation varies from one resource/operand to the other. E.g. for odrl:purpose, there’s no such implicit indirection. I think I can personally live with it, but that’s maybe because I don’t have to implement a constraint processor for now ;-) I’m really wondering whether this mechanism would be considered good, compared to other mechanisms such as SWRL or perhaps SHACL. Is there any POE constraint processing systems implemented, or being implemented? If not, then I would suggest to put constraints in their own separate POE ‘module’ (a separate document and vocabulary), so that they don’t stand in the path of moving the basic POE model towa
rds Recommendation status.

See https://github.com/w3c/poe/issues/161

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