[poe] Single vs. Collection of Asset and Party unclear

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== Single vs. Collection of Asset and Party unclear ==
The Information Model defines the Asset Class this way:
_An Asset is a resource or a collection of resources that are the subject of a Rule._
... and the subclass AssetCollection that way:
_an Asset that is a group of resources. This indicates that all the items in the group will be the subject of the Rule._

Unclear is:

* Wording: why are "some assets" called "collection of resources" and "group of resources" - if the same is meant in both cases. Let's use the same term.
* Design: how to indicate that an Asset is only a single resource and not a collection? Using the class Asset covers both, the class AssetCollection only collections - nothing specific for a single resource.
* Check: this design allows nesting collections in a collection as both the subject and object of an RDF triple with odrl:partOf as predicate may be an AssetCollection. This could result in deeeep nesting - ok?

These issues above apply to PartyCollection too.

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